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Dry Cleaning -

Dry cleaning isn't really dry. The clothes do get wet, but not with water. The fact that there is no water is why the process is called "dry cleaning". The cleaning fluid that is used is a liquid solvent and all garments are immersed and cleaned in the solvent. We, at Advance Cleaners Company, decided to give Dry cleaning a new face by introducing the latest in dry cleaning technology.

When you drop your clothes off at Advance Cleaners, we go through a detailed process we’ve developed to remove stains and get your garments looking their best. Here’s what goes into our laundry and dry cleaning process:

1.Tagging and inspection — All garments are first tagged to ensure proper identification and speedy delivery to the customer. Clothes are also examined for missing buttons, tears, etc.

2.Pre-treatment — the cleaner looks for stains on your clothes and treats them with cleansers that can effectively remove them.

3.Post-spotting — any lingering stains are removed.

4.Finishing — Finishing touches are done and the clothes are finally pressed, folded, and packaged.

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